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“Hollywood and Las Vegas have a sign, so why not New York City?”

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Apparently, Times Square now has a huge LED sign that was unveiled today. At face value this seems insignificant because most U.S. citizens, at least those that frequent NYC, know exactly where they are when they are standing in Times Square. However, this sign is going to be used for more than just another tourist picture background.

Clear Channel Spectacolor, the owner of this sign is letting sponsors temporarily  “own” the sign which means, for 3-5 years, a company is able to advertise its website and use the static sign to the left of the new Times Square sign for additional marketing campaigns. The 16 foot digital circle above the sign will be reserved for an image or logo and president of CCS Harry Coughlan says, “We think the sign can be Google-esque, like the way Google changes its logo on its search page.”

The sign’s location is key. At 47th St., the sign is said to be visible from 10 blocks north or south on Broadway. That reaches, using the article’s estimate, 560,000 people daily.

“The advertiser can have the appearance of being the official sponsor of Times Square,” said Coghlan. “It could become the most photographed sign in the world.”

I think the implications behind this medium are great, as I am an advertising major however, I do believe another billboard could have accomplished the same task and am currently wondering how much this spectacular LED screen cost…

here is the article:


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September 16, 2009 at 10:16 pm

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