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The new form of an Apology

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The tabloids prove how rehab has grown to become a hip thing for celebrities to enlist in. This article broke out after Kanye West’s incident at the VMA’s with Taylor Swift. He was filmed drinking straight out of a bottle on the red carpet at the award show. The new rumors are now out that Kanye West is headed to rehab. It was also supposedly said that Kanye has blamed alcohol for his incident at the VMA’s and that once his concert tour is finished he will head straight to rehab. But so far these are just rumors with no solid evidence.

In this and in many other incidents where celebrities catch themselves falling into bad situations shows an ongoing trend of going to rehab to prove you are truly sorry for all your problems or actions. If you notice a decent amount of celebrities have gone to rehab after  being convicted of DUI’s or other incidents. Rehab is suddenly this place where they can go to prove to society that they have cured of their problems and that all the blame upon them has been suddenly wiped away. It is basically a giant apology as the article clearly states it to be.

It will be interesting to see if Kanye West actually goes to rehab after his tour has wrapped up as well as seeing what other celebrities enter and escape the rehab scene.


Written by MelissaGallagher

September 29, 2009 at 1:43 am

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