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“Device locates lost children, gives parents peace”

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What is considered too invasive?  How many negative repercussions are plausible?  These are questions that I considered upon reading an article, “Device locates lost children, gives parents peace,” from the Daily Herald Newspaper.  This article is used to discuss different child locators that utilize alarms, panic buttons, and GPS technology.  The article mentions that there are approximately 800,000 missing children reports a year in the United States.  With this number, it makes sense that parents are concerned with their children’s well-being and are eager to keep a tighter hold on them.  The article, however, does admit that there are several flaws to the devices.  Children trying to figure out how to work a device during a potential kidnapping could take away from valuable time that should be utilized to escape the scene.  Weather and battery power have to be taken into account of the effectiveness of the locators as well.  The devices are certainly quite contradictory in nature.  One professor at the University of California believes that child locators could make children think that their parents do not trust them, whereas Nesbitt, a parent who relies on a locator, thinks that children might feel safer knowing that their location can be monitored.

I think that child locators, while they seem to have good intentions, appear fallible.  They could certainly destroy the realms of communications between children and their parents.  How is a child going to develop a sense of independence if they know that their location can be tracked?  I believe that child locators could result in children feeling  inner hostility towards their parents.  They might grow up not wishing to discuss where they are going or what they are going to do because they do not think that their parents will believe them even if they do.  As helpful as I am sure that they can be, they seem to be very susceptible to misuse if the wrong person obtains one.  Technology appears to be becoming increasingly invasive and is incurring upon certain liberties and freedom of people, although it does have many positive attributes as well.  Technology, however, has been used so often lately to communicate, whether it be a person’s location or a person’s feelings, that I believe that interpersonal relationships are suffering because of it.  I think that it will be interesting to see how commonplace child locators become.

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October 5, 2009 at 5:54 pm

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