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Counter-Campaigns of Women in the Media

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After reading this week’s chapter about the way media depicts different groups, I was reminded of a few counter-efforts made by different companies and organizations, which seek to show reality versus idealized versions often found in commercials and other advertisements. The foremost of these counter-campaigns would be the Dove: Campaign for real beauty, which features women with little or no makeup.

The goal of these advertisements is to sell “pro-age” and “pro-shape” products which embrace the natural and average woman, rather than her idealized counterpart, the supermodel. These advertisements have received a lot of attention probably because they stand out against others which feature atypical, slender, adolescent women. Dove found a niche that other beauty companies had not. They manage to celebrate the average woman, rather than reinforce media stereotypes.

Interestingly, Dove’s profits have also risen dramatically since 2004. However, it doesn’t seem as if their successful tactic is catching on anytime soon. Other advertisements for similar products still feature idealized supermodels.


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October 27, 2009 at 11:54 pm

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