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I have been having a little difficulty posting. Imagine this was posted a week ago!

Regarding our bubble, balloon boy conversation in class today, I am reminded of the pure ridiculousness of American Media.

I searched the “reputable sources” in American media today and I found the first headlines to be, as follows, “‘Wild Things’ rules box office, but parents divided”

Next, Breaking News on Fox News, “Angels Defeat Yankees in 11 Innings During ALCS”,2933,568600,00.html .

Maybe would offer some valuable news. Instead, “Twins shock Simon Cowell”. MSNBC offered some news with it’s article “Pakistan cuts deals with anti-U.S. tribes” and also with “Public option gaining support, poll finds”

However, right back to (Bostob Globe) Anatomy of a rout (Patriot Victory Sunday) and “Menino, Flaherty face off” (Boston Mayoral Race) . The New York Times : “Angels Beat Yanks in Game 3 of A.L.C.S” New York Post: “Hell No! Angels 5, Yankees 4, 11 innings”.

Finally, the Poughkeepsie Journal… After their slogan “what matters to you. now.” “Angels Drop Yanks in Game 3”

My point for writing this is simple. Our American media reports news, but not what is important in the lives of Americans. Our media is there to entertain us. As the Poughkeepsie Journal says, “what matters to you” is presented. This is my main criticism of the media. In line with the Agenda Setting Theory, the Media tells us what to think about. For example, Thursday had many important events, but the balloon controversy took the cake for news of the day. You may ask, where can I look for important information on world events? Look no further than or even Sure, these are foreign news providers, but they provide information that is important to our lives. Instead of reading about the news that everyone already knows about, the Yankees lose to the Angels in 11, you can learn information that will present you with new perspectives on life (not the ones presented in the highly gossipy American media, Jon Gosselin, I’m looking at you). I watched the game but I don’t need to hear on every website this groundbreaking news. Don’t get me wrong, I love America, I just can’t stand the news. If I want my daily gossip, I can go to


Written by Andrew Clinkman

October 28, 2009 at 5:37 pm

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