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The Levi’s jean brand was always known as being particularly patriotic and very American. People in France envy the Levi designer jeans and is the frist thing they look for when coming to the states. Levi has come out with a new creative idea that will reinvent commericals to come.

Walt Whitman’s poem was written for a time when people were working in their backyards to perform a decent living. The controversy of it was that this was also in a time where black’s were still working under harsh labor conditions and Levi was worried that this poem may bring about some tense issues. But Creative Director Susan Hoffman said that she wants to “reinvent the pioneering spirit for in which the time we live.” In this commerical they protray different media groups. They portray homosexuals, African-Americans, and whites all rebelling for somemthing new and a new purpose. They are rebeling against the “power suits” and back into a world where young adults can be themselves in any way they see fit.

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October 29, 2009 at 7:07 pm

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