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Yoplait Yogurt- Is it for everyone?

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On youtube, I found a commercial for Yoplait with Andrea Rosen in it.  As is typical, it stereotyped women as the ones interested in losing weight and dieting.  The woman in the commercial referred to one Yoplait yogurt flavor as her weakness, a word often associated with food and women, as the media makes it out that all women should be concerned with their weight and should desire nothing more than to be thin.  The man in the commercial was portrayed as hungry and eager to find the delicious treats that the woman was talking about on the phone.  Of course, he looked all throughout the fridge and passed right over the yogurt, as he did not realize that she was discussing flavors and not actual desserts.

This brings up a more interesting topic to me.  Do commercials, particularly Yoplait, make it appear that yogurt is a women’s food?  After viewing the comments on the commercial by viewers, the topic certainly seems to be up for debate, as one person who watched the commercial asked whether or not yogurt was for guys.  Another viewer responded saying that he eats it.  I find it sad that Yoplait commercials, as well as other yogurt commercials, are targeted towards women and the concept of staying thin, as opposed to both men and women in general.

To view the commercial, check out:


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October 30, 2009 at 5:52 pm

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