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“Dying to be thin”

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I am very interested in learning about why women suffer from eating disorders. I was  watching you tube videos on eating disorders and I came across a news report on how young women turn to internet sites called Pro Ana and Pro Mia websites which stand for pro bulimia and pro anorexia.These sites are known for promoting eating  disorders as a positive lifestyle. They show pictures of women who are incredibly thin as an inspiration for girls to be able to look just like them. The website embeds the idea that being skinny is what society thinks is “pretty” The websites also offer advise on how to keep themselves from eating. Things like ” Eat bicariously, watch other people eat and feel superior, stare at magazine models..”  are being said to encourage girls to stay thin. The websites also organize or come up with ways to help these girls stay skinny, such as competitions on who can starve the longest. Women who have been influenced by these websites say that these sites are extremely powerful and dangerous. Some search engines do not direct you to these sites however, others do. This is a very controversial issue because the people who are responsible for these sites claim that it isn’t a problem because of freedom of speech. In my opinion these websites should be banned because it puts a young woman’s health at risk both physically and mentally.

The news report:


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November 16, 2009 at 4:13 pm

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