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Too much advertising?

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Advertising is everywhere. Everywhere you look, there is some sort of advertising. Whether it is billboards, commercials or even the kid walking down the street with the huge Nike sign on his shirt. It is everywhere. People see new trends, new ideas and want it. Especially teens, they love the trends and want the trends. We are so used to advertising being everywhere, that we don’t even notice it. We were born into a world of advertising, therefore we don’t know any difference. Is it too much, in my mind no, because I’m so completely used to this world we live in, that it doesn’t matter how much there is. Is there more advertising now then there was 30 years ago? Of course, it has been increasing ever since I was born and even before that. This doesn’t make any difference but it just shows how consumed we are with advertising. Advertising is just so powerful these days that it almost runs our lives.

Written by kylereny

November 22, 2009 at 8:00 pm

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