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Breaking up with Facebook

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I found this article very amusing for two reasons. One because the authors language style and sarcasm, and the other was because of the realities of Facebook.  He talks about the drama in a way is so pathetic, yet we do the same kinds of things everyday.  He talks about also the good and bad of Facebook- the good being having the ability to stay in contact with people you may have lost touch with, and the bad being the ability to constantly stay involved in someones life, whether you want to or not. The fact that its so easy makes it hard to stay away.  We all say that one day we’ll delete our facebook (just as the author said he would) yet we cannot seem to break away from the comfort and joy we get out of being so involved in everyone elses lives.

Written by madelana

November 23, 2009 at 4:46 pm

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