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Labatt advertising

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In class we have been talking about advertising and the one commercial I keep thinking about are the new Labatt Blue commercials. Labatt Blue has been trying a new advertising scheme: They show a group of guys trying to explain how beer gets to them or why the beer tastes like it does. These commercials seem to making fun of what a beer commercial uses to sell its product but at the same time uses those “tried and true” maketing strategies. They still use scantily clad women but in a way that men explaining the story would love to be true. These guys explaining the story are surrounded by women who look impressed by the story they tell which could not be true. The guys as they tell the story don’t pay attention to what each is saying or don’t pay attention to waht is going on at all. Their story makes beer delivery and how the taste is developed in a unrealistic light that makes the commercial funny.


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November 23, 2009 at 9:52 pm

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