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Stereotypes in Media

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We were recently talking about stereotypes in TV and movies in class and I found an interesting article from Newsweek on the subject. Anyone who watches ‘Glee’ on Fox knows that it is all about high school stereotypes and being able to accept who people are. Although the premise of the show is about looking beyond these false portrayals and just trying to understand people, their portrayal of certain characters may focus too much on creating the stereotype rather than showing who they are without that certain feature. This particular article looks at the character of Kurt, a gay high school student. Many feel that the show’s tendency to show Kurt in feminine and making “typical” gay remarks are actually hurting the homosexual community rather than empowering it. This sends a mixed message when the show’s main goal is to gain acceptance for those who are different from us. Here’s the article:


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November 23, 2009 at 7:36 pm

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