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This was my favorite episode of the Daily show during the years that I have watched it. It interestingly presented several topics that we have discussed in class. The first being the idea of image. Stewart presents Palin through various news networks as being an ultraconservative, attractive, average-joe vice presidential candidate.

For those of you who voted, who determined whether they would vote for Palin by the image the media provided of her? While she definitely had conservative viewpoints, the image the media created of her was one that was dangerously conservative and focused more on her personal life than on the actual person. Regardless of how you voted, the media portrayal of Palin was and continues to be negative (as can be seen with the Daily Show).

Additionally, Stewart highlights MSNBC’s failure to address the incorrect pictures that were photoshopped on the internet.  Once again, MSNBC sought to tarnish her record.

With this being said, why is it that every person thinks that they can write a biography on their life? Honestly, anyone from Tiger Woods to Sarah Palin can write a biography and publish it . The media makes this into news and, while it isn’t important, it becomes news worthy.

Could this be Palin looking for nomination in 2012? Maybe. Or it could be her trying to make a few bucks. Whatever it is, our society loves an attractive candidate looking to remain in the political limelight.–the-rogue-warrior


Written by Andrew Clinkman

November 28, 2009 at 6:57 pm

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