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SpamRadio: “Serving up delicious helpings of spam to all who are hungry.”

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I was stumbling around on the internet and found this funny website, Spamradio. It’s a 24/7 ‘radio station’ that consists of a computerized voice reading masses of spam emails one after another. Their explanation of why they do it is particularly interesting:

“Everybody hates spam. Mass-marketing junk email is the bane of the Internet. But it thinks very highly of itself. It invades your inbox every day with a sense of confidence. There is always a new sales pitch — a new way that you can improve your life, if only you will take a few minutes to read. Anything this important shouldn’t be ignored. Anything this important deserves its own radio show.”

Spam itself is an interesting part of the mass media in itself, but the idea of a radio show for such proclaimed ‘important’ information and ‘once in a lifetime’ offers is ingenious.

Check out SpamRadio here:


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November 30, 2009 at 4:04 pm

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