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Racism in the movie industry?

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The movie white chicks came out years ago which started two African Americans the dress up “in white-face” and as women. This is a funny concept but was not recived well unlike in the early days of televsion where “black-face” was common in Amos and Andy. I’m not sure if the concept was supposed to be a knock at the “black-faced” charaters of Amos and Andy but it was a great shot at the old televsion show. But more recently Tropic Thunder came out with Robert Downey Jr. playing and actor that would imercse himself in roles and plays most of the movie in “black-face.” Although these movies have completely different used for the “black-face” and “white-face” both were in the same gendre. Both were received differnetly as well were Tropic Thunder was a hit White Chicks was a flop. This raises the question about ethics and uses these painted faces. Although I did personally think Tropic Thunder was funny because of its range of charaters but an interesting thought anyway…

See also Soul Man a comedy much like white chicks exept a white man where’s black-face to get a scholarship

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December 3, 2009 at 5:12 pm

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