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Dropping the ‘F-Bomb’

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During my endless procrastination sessions, I “stumble” using and come across pictures, sites, and videos that are catered to my interests. When I signed up for the site, I apparently chose feminism as one of my interests and here enters this website: “A blog/community created for teenage girls who care about their rights as women and want to be heard. All young feminists who are just a little bit pissed off and very outspoken are more than welcome here.”

I’m all for blogging and I’m all for feminism but, I have to admit, the site threw me a bit. The homepage is bold: big white and red letters on a black background with thin diagonal stripes. Their logo replicates a bomb as the ‘o’ in ‘fbomb’. I love places and organizations that give certain groups the chance to speak out but, on the outside, Fbomb looks like every negative stereotype that feminists face. In their own “About” section, the author of the site states, “The is for girls who have enough social awareness to be angry and who want to verbalize that feeling. The is loud, proud, sarcastic‚Ķeverything teenage feminists are today.”

So, the site may be a bit extreme and intimidating but my reasoning for posting this on our Communications and Society blog is that, on the inside, The seems to be promoting healthy, intelligent debates between young people. Personally, whether I like it or not, my online social networking and conversations are consumed with who was tagged in a picture with whom, whether Tiger Woods was really beaten by his wife, and who’s Team Edward or Team Jacob. After some snooping, The Fbomb’s blog is a place that is accessed quite frequently by young people with interests in saying something substantial. This blog creates an easily accessible and anonymous place for young women (and men) to go, read what others have to say, and find something to stand up for.

For example, a post by a young woman talks about a male drama student at Syracuse University who took a silly, yet important, stand for homosexuality (the male told this story in a Facebook note, by the way). After an Evangelist woman held signs up on the Syracuse campus reading, “Homosexuality is a sin, CHRIST can set you free!”, the young man came back to stand next to her with a sign that said, “Corduroy Skirts are a Sin”–commenting on the woman’s outfit. The blog post goes on to tell more about the story (which you can find here) as well as people’s reactions. Following the post are a flood of comments from young men and women voicing their opinions. I was really taken by this and am so glad that there’s actually a forum of substance out there that have active members of our generation. Perhaps all is not lost!


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December 4, 2009 at 8:46 pm

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