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What Happened to the Importance of News?

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I find it pretty fascinating to see how much news has changed over the years. Even though I have only been around for nineteen years I can still notice differences in our ever changing society. Just the other day I was searching for a current event article for one of my classes. I suddenly came across a section called “News Pulse.” Immediately I discovered that this area was designated to the most popular and most recent news stories with a choice for the viewer to even select a time frame for the coverage of news stories. When I clicked to see these various articles I noticed how the top three or four were solely based on celebrity or entertainment news events. How pathetic is it that a world-wide news organization shows their top news stories in an entertainment based fashion? Really? Are there not people dieing in genocides or wars going on right now around the world? Wouldn’t that be something to cover? I almost see this new trend in the media as a way to maybe escape the constant depressing news on our economy or Afghanistan. I do not know if it is the mere fact that CNN is trying to appeal to what their viewers want or that they are trying to change their frame of news. I always perceived CNN as being a highly credible news source, but after seeing all of these “highly viewed” stories on Tiger Woods and his alleged affairs to a story on Adam Lambert’s guest appearances, I honestly do not know where CNN is headed. I do not believe that CNN is the only one guilty in this situation. I also believe this controversy is seen throughout the majority of news sources all around the spectrum. This brings back the question talked about in class. What is newsworthy? It is hard to answer that question as news sources like CNN, FOX news, and MSNBC are presenting stories that touch upon the world of entertainment rather than the true reality of our current day society.  Only time will show where the media is going to report next.


Written by MelissaGallagher

December 4, 2009 at 8:34 pm

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