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This is the video that reminded me of the ad we watched in class with President Obama’s speech put to music (Yes we can). I feel like this video is just like that one: inspirational, different, and effective. I remember watching it when it was voting time and it had an even bigger impact on me. I do find it interesting that famous people have more of an impact on us than regular everyday people. I know its true but I’m not even sure why. The discussion we had in class about why athletes are considered role models reminded me of this. These people don’t ask to be role models, this is a career for them. Yet, their opinions have such an effect on us. I know this video would not have had as big of an effect on me if it was done with regular people.

This is the same with celebrity endorsements. I do look twice at an ad when I see it is with a famous person. I look to see who it is and if I believe that actually believe in the product they are selling. Most of the time I do believe it. It could be becasue I very trusting, or because most of these people act for a profession, or because these people do use the product they sell.


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December 5, 2009 at 6:10 pm

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