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The White House Crashers

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The infamous “white House crashers” have been all over the news and (the salahi’s) clearly planned the crash as a stunt to gain publicity, attention and money. I can’t imagine how they managed to sneak into the event and what that is saying about our nations security, but that aside. It is obvious that the couple has been trying to get on reality show, hoping for a spot on the Real Housewives of Washington. This situation reminds me of the infamous “balloon boy” incident in which another crazy couple made up a story in hopes of landing some TV time and possibly a reality show. These people are after any kind of attention they can get, and we are certainly giving in and giving it to them, as we did with “balloon boy”. How far will everyday people go to gain their idea of ‘fame’? Will it ever end?


Written by kristenferrigno88

December 5, 2009 at 6:09 pm

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