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MTV’s “Jersey Shore”

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For those of you who don’t know (how could you miss it!) MTV’s new reality show “Jersey shore” takes place in Seaside Heights NJ, (one of the trashier parts of the jersey shore). Im not going to lie, as i am from New Jersey I have made my way down there several times (more in high school) and always had a blast, but it really does portray New Jersey in a horrible light. NJ already gets such a bad rap thanks to the smoke stacks that line the NJ Turn Pike by Newark airport and thats unfortunately what most people see when visiting or passing through. The other images that tend to pop into peoples heads are of the Sopranos and things of that nature. New Jersey as well as Italians really didn’t need another negative image, but it got one!

Anyway, this show is absolutely hysterical, I could not get myself to stop watching the 2 hour premier on Thursday night. The dynamics in that house are unreal and the personalities, as most “reality” TV shows, larger than life. The 8 cast-mates are all Italian and are proud to call themselves Guido’s and Guidette’s, from Staten Island, New Jersey, New York, and they even snuck one in from Poughkeepsie! And boy do they ever fit the part, the girls are attention crazed psycho’s who’s looks are over done from the hair to the nail’s, attitudes and accents are intense! The guys are for the most-part buff, tan, hot-headed, metrosexual and appear as though they spend hours in front of the mirror grooming themselves and can be set of by one wrong look.

Some are saying they find the show to be offensive and an insult to New Jersey and Italians ex. and sure these people are making fools out of themselves but they’re happy to do it, they like the attention, good or bad. Anyone out there who thinks it is a typical depiction of New Jersey and/or Italians is fooling themselves. Sure it stinks that the Jersey shore is portrayed in such a negative light and people who live in Kentucky might think that Nj is full of “poofs”, “blowouts” and “tans” but does it really matter?


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December 8, 2009 at 6:40 pm

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