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Advertising Time with Sex…

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Now I know I have seen my fair share of sex and nudity within television advertisements over the years, but where do networks draw the line? I was watching a show on a regular cable network this past weekend with my housemates and all of the sudden the second advertisement listed below for Dolce and Gabbana comes on advertising their new line of watches. You would have thought that this television advertisement was at a level for some X-rated movie. I was thoroughly confused of how these people tried to correlate time (selling their watches) with sex. The first video clip shows the guy in a car all ready to take off his clothes, but when he takes off his watch he throws it right into his boxer briefs where the camera is closely focused. How is that going to sell watches? I understand the connection of wanting to label these D&G watches as “sexy” or appealing to the opposite sex, but there are hardly any clips of these watches for more than two whole seconds. How can the viewers take in what the advertisement is trying to sell when they barely focus on it? I laughed really hard when I saw the two of these videos because it is a complete fail in trying to get this line of watches out to these viewers. My housemates and I focused more on the sex aspect of the commercial than the product itself. Until these commercials came to a closing and mentioned the new watches line of  “TIME” by D&G, I would have never guessed that it was publicizing these watches.

How far is too far when it comes to running these sexually explicit advertisements on television? In the news I often hear about how it is still progressively getting worse. Does sex really work this well at sending a message across to buy something? Maybe I have fallen for it before, but I cannot remember. I can understand the appeal for certain products related to sexy advertisements, but a watch does not strike me as something I would fall for because it is “sex appealing.”

Written by MelissaGallagher

December 9, 2009 at 2:57 am

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