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Does Fox News need a lesson in math?

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Fox News presented a Rasmussen poll that showed 120% of Americans have an opinion about whether scientists falsified climate research data. Which is a lot. And … not really possible. See pic:


Seems the network, while reporting a poll, added the original “very likely” (35%) and the “somewhat likely” (24%) results and used that as the “somewhat likely” number.

Liberal bloggers are pointing to this as an example of Fox News deliberately distorting the poll. But hey, anybody can make a mistake when presenting research data, doesn’t mean it’s intended to support their own theories … right?

—-I saw this article when I was scrolling through Although I do realize that it could have been a result of human error, I still found it interesting. It has to raise at least a little doubt in your mind about media outlets and credibility. The questions I asked myself when I read this article were; would I have caught this error if I was watching the show on TV? Should we trust media outlets as much as many of us do? Then again, maybe this is just an example of the special interests of fox news, or even human error.

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December 9, 2009 at 4:07 pm

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