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Does Youtube Sensation Equal Movie Star?

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The article talks about the Youtube sensation, Lucas Cruikshank, a 16 year-old from rural Nebraska, who created the character, Fred Figglehorn, a high-pitched, tatrum throwing, 6 year-old. His youtube videos generated more than 10 million hits, from viewers following the life of Fred, which includes other characters like his alcoholic mother, imprisoned father, a crush, and a bully. Even with the huge success from these youtube videos, does this “nobody” ever have a chance at becoming a professional actor? In this case, actor, yes- star, perhaps? Brian Robbins, on the other must think so, since he has decided to direct and produce Fred: The Movie. He believes, while many other internet sensations attempt greater fame, but ultimately fail, that this case is different, mostly because of Lucas’ fanbase, and multitude of characters. While he does admit that it is harder for adults to like, in the beginning at least, he says kids absolutely love it. So is this going to become a new norm? I suppose it all depends on the success of the film, but maybe now the only thing that is needed to become a movie star is a video camera, a little talent, and access to youtube. I guess we ‘ll  just have to wait and see…


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December 9, 2009 at 2:50 am

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