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Recently a commercial that was taped in Britain by a police department to force people to realize the deadliness of texting while driving.  It was recently heard  and discussed in the U.S. and has cause people to have mixed emotions.  Each day this video increase the amount of views, it is now standing at 35,573. Recently CNN has broadcasted a segment discussing this video and the impact it has had. CNN warns the viewers that this is very difficult to watch but affective.

Before watching this video I was curious of how it would impact me. I will admit that I do text on occasion, however, I never texted with someone else in the car.  I was just about half way through the video when I had to press stop.  The realness to this video was like no other. Usually a video ill cut out the action and go straight to end, not this video. It showed the girls hitting their head several times on the glass and dashboard causing severe bleeding on their face.  I couldn’t help to put myself in the girls situation and be great full that I’m still alive.


Written by caitschell

December 9, 2009 at 2:37 am

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