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More Reality SuperStardom for Kate Gosselin?!

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I came across this story on Googlenews. Apparently, Kate Gosselin hasn’t had her share of the spotlight yet. According to this news story by the Daily News Kate is looking to  start yet another reality show. This report included her shooting a test video for a potential new show. What this show will be about we don’t know yet but her test video included her cooking at a vintage diner in North Carolina. I find this to be kind of absurd. Hasn’t Kate gotten her 15 minutes of fame already? Reality TV has already shown to disrupt her family and ruin her marriage, can’t she realize that enough is enough? In addition, when originally asked why Jon and Kate agreed to do Jon & Kate Plus 8 they said it was to be able to document the lives of their children, because being busy with so many of them they would get little chance to make their own home videos and what not. Clearly, this was not Kate’s only intention. Now that Jon and Kate Plus 8 is off the air along with Jon himself as well as the eight Gosselin children , Kate still finds the need to stay in the public eye. This just goes to show how fame and the modern phenomenon of reality TV can adversely affect people.  We have Kate who is obviously spending more time away from her children in order to continue her fame, and others like the family of the balloon boy who set horrible examples for their children, having them lie to reporters to the point of nausea, in order to get their 15 minutes as well. When are people going to realize that reality stardom is not all that it’s cracked up to be?

Here is video of the news story…hopefully it worked…

If not, this is the link to the article with the video as well

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December 13, 2009 at 2:14 am

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