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Should Jerry Seinfeld star in another television sitcom?

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Results thus far show that 41% responded yes, while 59% responded no.

Sienfeld, the American classic sitcom, has brought joy and laughter to homes across the nation for season upon season. We’ve all come to know and love Seinfeld and the ordinary run-of-the-mill life he shared with his three good friends, George, Elaine and Kramer. But would you really want to see Jerry Seinfeld play another character? Would you be able to separate his new role from the stereotypes and stigmas you associate with his Seinfeld character? I know it would certainly be difficult for me. I consider Seinfeld a victim of typecast. Watching him in a different show, I would always be waiting for and wondering where his three buddies were. Each of the three other main characters went on to try new acting endeavors, and each has had at least one failed show. The association of Jerry Seinfeld with “Seinfeld” is far too strong for him to be able to break out into another role. A quote from the article I chose, “Jerry Seinfeld will never be able to star in or write a TV show as popular or as funny as Seinfeld was. That is not a hit on his talent, just a reminder of how fickle today’s culture is when it comes to entertainment.” Funny to think that the excessive success Seinfeld had, actually turns out to cause the end to his acting career.


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December 14, 2009 at 4:51 pm

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