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Subliminal Ads and Movies

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Last year  I had to pick a topic for my public presentation class and i chose to speak about subliminal messages. I could not even believe all the things I saw hidden in many of these ads and movies I took a look at. Even Disney movies included sexual hidden images that many people never caught on to. In the chapter about advertisements that we read in class there was a short section on subliminal ads. Do they really work? Can people really be persuaded to do something or believe something due to a subliminal message embedded in a poster or movie? I am not sure of this answer but sometimes I feel that they do not persuade or manipulate very much. I mean,I personally do not think I am going to buy a certain product because the word “sex” was hidden in the picture. Sometimes I feel it is ridiculous. In addition, I also feel some people believe they have a found a subliminal message in a certain poster ad or movie but in reality it was not even intended to be a subliminal message. People look for anything little thing possible and make it seem that it was a subliminal message and they others have never caught on to them. This link shows some of the things I am referring to. Some of them seem quite obvious while other ones made me say “what?! That’s really hidden in there!”. And some made me say, “Okay. They’re exaggerating a bit”. The cartoon ones were just funny to watch. Are they really subliminal? You watch and ask yourself instead.

Written by Karishna

December 14, 2009 at 4:55 pm

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