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Hollywood Meets…Nelson Mandela?

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Invictus, released to theaters this Friday, tells the story of the relationship between former South African President Nelson Mandela and the captain of the broken nation’s rugby team. These two super-forces united in order to bring the country together, and now the story is being told on the Hollywood screen.

Actor Matt Damon commented that “Mandela convinced everybody to not go to war. That involves a lot of personal responsibility…South Africa had the greatest political leader in the world in our lifetime. Period.”

Although it is quite interesting to see the Hollywood interpretation of a great historical event, where politics and sports intertwine, it is certainly not the first story that Hollywood has latched itself on to. I think what is most intriguing to me about this quasi genre of movies are the cultural and societal reasons for why these stories are being told now. What are the motivations for telling this story now, as opposed to five years prior or five years in the future?

Fortunately, this question was rather easy to answer. The World Cup will happen again in 2010. Where will it happen? South Africa. There has been escalating media coverage of South Africa and whether or not this nation was ready to host the masses that the event will draw. It is strategic planning like this that provides indirect advertisement for both Invictus and World Cup 2010. The anticipation generated by each for the other demonstrates that  the movie and event have thus far enjoyed symbiotic coexistence.


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December 16, 2009 at 5:27 am

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