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How cute are these boots?

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I cannot stop laughing about this commercial. I think that it’s so catchy and honestly adorable. It makes me reminisce about how when I was that age, yes, I was forced to wear the dreaded holiday dress or itchy holiday sweater with  lacey socks and uncomfortable dress shoes. Guess girls these days are too cool for that. An upgrade to cool sweaters, and cute boots would have been nice.

Gap really knows the trends and styles. It is nice to see that the sweaters aren’t the traditional snowflake, and Christmas tree wool sweaters that your grandma insisted on you wearing.

With this being said, Gap definitely makes dressing up for the holidays fun. Wouldn’t parents rather have their kids happy with a cool trendy sweater on Christmas, rather than being miserable with a sweater that is so outdated? I agree with the kids, time to retire from the traditional holiday look.

I am actually jealous that they do not make these sweaters and boots in my size.


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December 16, 2009 at 4:36 am

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