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Is “The Biggest Loser” set unrealistic expectations?

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This is a video of Joy Behar and Dr. Louis  Aronne discussing The Biggest Loser and how some aspects of the show are not realistic.  Things such as losing so much wait and dealing with extra skin,  and leaving your job for months at a time in order to lose the amounts of weight.   I found it very interesting because I personally never thought of it like this, and i’m sure many others don’t.  When I thought of this show, I thought of people being pushed to lose large amounts of weight,  and then looking back at how amazing and incredible the transformation was.  The show portrays an image of these people being incredible motivated to better themselves, which is in fact part of it, but the way the people go about it is an unrealistic situation for most people.


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December 16, 2009 at 3:16 am

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