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Looks like Facebook’s creator Mark Zuckerberg did not read up on his own company’s new privacy policy. Facebook recently revamped its privacy settings. Officials said that it was redesigned to give users more control over what information they share and with whom they share with. The settings of those who ignored the initial change in privacy notification were automatically re-set, so that everyone could potentially see your profile, information, pictures, etc.

Zuckerberg either ignored his own memo or decided to be drastically less private, for one article found that Zuckerberg’s wall, photos, events calendar and more were all viewable by the public. One reporter in the article chided that he could see that Zuckerberg recently became a “fan” of Taylor Swift.

Another article quoted Zuckerberg as saying, “We’ll suggest settings for you based on your current level of privacy, but the best way for you to find the right settings is to read through all your options and customize them for yourself. I encourage you to do this and consider who you’re sharing with online.”;jsessionid=J3PZTOAH1VI0DQE1GHOSKHWATMY32JVN

Zuckerberg should listen to his own advice.


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December 16, 2009 at 5:26 am

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