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Sports and Television

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This issue was discussed during class, and made me realize how largely sports are effected by television and advertising. The fact that certain sports do not work as smoothly with frequent commercial breaks has drastically impacted what sports are exposed in the U.S. and which sports are rarely seen. This issue has allowed for the monopolization of the main four popular sports in America (basketball, baseball, football and hockey). This problem has become more and more apparent to me recently given my growing interest in rugby. I started playing rugby last year, and found myself wondering why this sport isn’t televised often in America. It seems that the continuous nature of the sport makes it less appealing for advertisers and television networks seeing as they can’t fit in as many commercial spots as they can with other sports. This same dilemma occurs with televising soccer, which has a continuous pace, much like rugby does. I really enjoy watching soccer during the World Cup, as do many people I know, but this sport, along with countless others, will never get the exposure the four main sports do. Unfortunately, it appears that I must rely on YouTube rugby clips and other online sources, at least until the World Cup in 2011, in which case I may be able to catch it on ESPN 2 or some other elusive network.

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December 16, 2009 at 1:46 am

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