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So. The big news happened yesterday?

Yes, there was another Tiger girl. Because, to Tiger, “they’re great”. Maybe Tiger Woods can get a sponsorship through Frosted Flakes…

Well, unless you guessed it, the big news is that bad boy Chris Brown shut down his twitter page. The headlines read  Chris Brown kills Twitter account after claim of album ‘blackballing’. Sweet

So, why should we care?

Well, first we know that with the lovely agenda-setting theory, the media infuses ridiculous information into news stations. But we already knew that. So, why should we really care? We shouldn’t.

However, we do care and we continue to make idiotic statements like Chris Brown on our own social networking sites. I know that I am personally guilty of doing stupid stuff on my own FB account. I don’t know why I think it’s a brilliant idea to say idiotic stuff or take embarassing pictures, but I do it.

Basically, I’m guilty in that I do things that I regret. So, my critiquing of him should be seen as hypocritical. Right? Almost…

Think of it this way. Chris Brown is looked up to as a role-model and I doubt that I have that kind of influence that he has. I haven’t had a platinum album in 12 years. Damn. And I most assuredly have not been in the tabloids lately for my failed relationships.

So, should Chris Brown attempt to have people idolize him? Maybe. He is in the media as a figure that children look up to. But he should be much wiser, right? I mean, he must be mature as he is a figure in the media and knows the impact of it. WRONG. Chris Brown is younger than I am, and I am not even 21 yet.

Therefore, how much blame can be placed on this guy overwhelmed by media influence? A ton. Don’t be an idiot Chris Brown, beating your girlfriend is a stupid move. While we all do stupid things, people are not blogging about every thing that lacks judgement, only what you do.

So, your decision to kill your twitter account was not a brilliant move. Kids idolize you. It’s not too late to change your image. Just, as my friend from home says “don’t be dumb”

Written by Andrew Clinkman

December 16, 2009 at 4:33 am

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