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Violence in Sports: Is what’s ok for men ok for women?

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As we all know sports can get physically rough sometimes. For pro players especially injury is a common thing. A big controversy between men and women’s sports in recent years has been violence and physical differences of play. Men’s sports have typically been a known as rougher and more physical, has this idea turned people off to seeing women play sports in a rough way without considering them violent? New Mexico’s soccer defender Elizabeth Lambert has been criticized in the media for her unsportsmanlike display of play in a game against BYU. I put the link to a youtube clip of a sports news report on it and they really attack her for her actions. No doubt hair pulling and punching is a little extreme for a soccer game and is definitely violent, however some of the other reasons they held against her and persecuted her for weren’t anything I haven’t seen male soccer players do. Here’s the link check it out I think it’s a really interesting thing to look at when thinking about men vs women’s sports violence.

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December 16, 2009 at 3:14 am

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