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Health Care Reform

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For the past century presidents and countless members of Congress have tried to provide universal health care benefits to Americans. They have all failed. In 2008, the cost of health care has escalated to one in six dollars being spent on health care. As a result an estimated 46 million people were left without coverage. In November 2008 during his campaign for presidency Senator Barack Obama promised health care reform. This past July, House Democratic leaders introduced a bill that would ultimately expand health coverage yet as a result raise taxes on high-income people. Later that month the senate panel approved a bill that would require Americans to obtain health insurance. It established a new government insurance plan, similar to the House bill introduced prior. This created much controversy in the Democratic Party. The White House then indicated that it would accept a nonprofit health care alternative in comparison to the government insurance plan. Over the past three months debate over this issue has heated up and in the past month members of the senate have tried to reach an agreement. It will take time for everyone to agree on a proposal but I hope the president can live up and deliver what he promised a year ago.

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December 28, 2009 at 3:02 pm

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