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Things to HATE about Apple’s iPad

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Over the past few weeks there has been much speculation of a “revolutionary” new item apple was to release, today January 27th. No one was quite sure what this new invention was or what it would do exactly, however, there was a great deal of hype surrounding it, many people claiming it is a revolutionary piece of technology which would change our lives, similar to how the iPod did so several years ago. So, did apple deliver on its promises or is this another overpriced piece of technology that will never catch on? Only time will reveal the truth but after watching several videos and reading many articles regarding the newly announced iPad, I have formulated my opinion.

For more information regarding the iPad and what it does exactly, please view the video at: .

After viewing the aforementioned video, I don’t see anything “revolutionary” or “magical” about this device. In fact, to me it seems like a really big iPhone with some new apps. It is way too big to fit in anyone’s pocket. It does not have a camera, which will stifle the growing popularity of video chatting. The touch keyboard is the same style keyboard which has given iPhone users hell since it first came out (believe me, I’ve had the iPhone since is first came out, I still can not text) and now it is bigger but still not as big as a laptop, in other words anyone seen typing on one of these will feel awkward and look ridiculous. Apple raves about the video quality and capabilities, but there are no HDMI outputs meaning, you can not hook it up with your TV and watch the movies you purchased on iTunes on your television.

There is a lot of love about the iPod, and at a some-what affordable price of $500 I am sure it will sell in great quantities, but I still see so much room for improvement. Will the iPad be the next iPhone, where users have to purchase a new one every year to get the new features? Time will tell, but calling this device “revolutionary” is a joke.


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January 28, 2010 at 3:13 pm

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