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Coale, Giorgis make magic at McCann

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I thought this article was interesting because it talks about our Marist Women’s Basketball Team. It focuses on the game last month when our Women’s Team took on the Oklahoma Sooner’s Women’s Basketball Team here at the McCann Center. A game that was supposed to be a blow out by Oklahoma went into overtime. This was big because last year Oklahoma went to the Final Four. By taking Oklahoma into overtime it game Marist national attention. Sherrie Coale the Women’s Basketball coach said in a statement “It made me want to go back and have some eligibility back. And I want to play and I want to go to Marist College to play sports. It’s unbelievable here. Your students—so refreshing. On college campuses across the country, there is student apathy when it comes to sports. And not here. Everybody here was involved from warm-up to the final buzzer of overtime. It was just a fantastic atmosphere for womens basketball, and we feel honored to be part of it”. I thought this quote was really great because it sums up how energetic and spirited our student body is here at Marist College. The article also focuses on Rachele Fitz and how she is a student before an athlete. Marist cares much about academics as it does sports. Hopefully other big-time schools such as Uconn, Notre Dame, and Rutgers will see this article and schedule good games at mid-major opponents like Marist. In the meantime, Marist will keep making magic The McCann Center.

If you want to read the article here is the link:


Written by Robert Hoey

February 1, 2010 at 3:40 am

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