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Controversial Superstar Game for the NFL, the Pro Bowl

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The Pro Bowl is the all-star game for football, the only problem is that it has never been something to look forwards too.  For years the Pro Bowl has been held in the tropical get away spot in Hawaii the sunday after the Super Bowl.  For the first time ever the Pro Bowl will be held in the same location as the Super Bowl, and this year it will be held on the sunday before the Super Bowl.  The NFL is trying to get more viewers and more hype for the game, but the problem now is that all the players selected from the Colts and the Saints will not be able to compete.  Not only will they not be able to compete, but the only way for them to get their Pro Bowl bonus pay off, they must attend the game.  This year the Pro Bowl has been very controversial and the decision to change the date and location may have been a mistake.

Tonight the game aired and once again failed to impress, with a record low of NFL players who were selected that are not attending, 29 players dropped out.  Twenty Nine of the top NFL players selected to compete dropped out making the Pro Bowl even more uneventful.  The whole idea to change the day would be to keep NFL viewers watching football as opposed to watching it the week after the Super Bowl.  Another mistake was moving it to Miami, now the players lose the great vacation spot for their families and lose all the fun.  Also many players dropped out due to so called “injuries” but it is also to be assumed that players like Brett Favre, the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings, did not attend because they suffered a tough loss last week and did not want to come play football the week after.  The only positive coming from this event would be to make more hype for the Super Bowl having it in the same location and making this next week leading up to the Super Bowl more eventful.  Below i posted an article relating to this topic, feel free to comment.,8599,1957574,00.html

-Nick Piotti


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February 1, 2010 at 3:43 pm

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