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The Growth of Electric Bikes

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The Electric Bike has been a recent development in transportation around the world. Starting off in China and now becoming a new major means for transportation, the Electric Bike has created a great gain for the Bike Salesmen.  The Electric Bike seems to be a great invention for the busy streets of China, being one of the countries with the most transportation difficulties being that it is so heavily populated.  This invention has made it possible for commuters to bike to work without breaking a sweat and being much more efficient then a conventional bike.  There are some major problems with the recent boom of electric bikes, two of the major problems are traffic laws and safety. Because it is still a bicycle, it can not be considered as a motor vehicle with the same traffic laws as a car for example.  At the same time, it is too fast to be part of the bike lanes causing problems for conventional cyclists. Legislation is still in a bind with  making traffic laws for it because it is in a category by itself.  Elderly citizens can ride the bike without being to tired and still being efficient for transportation, but the bike is dangerous being that it can travel very fast.  Lastly it still poses a threat to the environment due to the constant change of batteries containing high amounts of lead.  Below is the article i gathered all my information from, please feel free to comment.

-Nick Piotti


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February 1, 2010 at 3:44 pm

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