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Oscar Nominations

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Recently, the nominations for this year’s Academy Award’s were released. Included in the best picture were no-brainers like the blockbuster Avatar and the critically acclaimed Inglorious Basterds, along with more surprising picks like the animated Up and the science fiction film District 9. This is the time of year, I, as an aspiring movie buff try to watch as many nominated movies as a possibly can. This got me wondering, however. Am i one of few who will be running around trying to watch all of these films? or is there a large percentage of people rushing to be informed, so they know if the Academy chose wisely? The citizens of China will not be doing so, as their government censored part of the nomination list. After a documentary about an earthquake in a Chinese province was nominated, government officials in China decided to censor or omit the entire Best Documentary category. There is also speculation that the awards ceremony itself will not be aired in China for fear of embarrassment if the film wins. The documentary titled ‘China’s Unnatural Disaster’ looks at a place that was ravaged by an earthquake because of poorly built government structures; structures that caused much more death that should have occurred.

read about China here:

Oscar noms are here:

feel free to comment or, since or government allows us to see the list, tell me what movies should or shouldn’t be on there.


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February 4, 2010 at 8:41 pm

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