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Super Bowl Commercials

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As always, this years Super Bowl commercials were filled with humor and creativeness there is no doubt about that.  But over the years the commercials have been changing due to funding.  Many companies have been backing out of sharing there advertisement on Super Bowl sunday.  Buying airtime is extremely expensive and due to the economy, companies have decided not to share their advertisements.  There are some companies that will always share their commercials like bud light for example.  Bud light had numerous commercials all of which were hilarious, but there were no other beer commercials shown.  In my opinion other beer brands did not want to waste money on making ads when they know they have their loyal consumers.  But for other companies like, airing their commercials can only help.  The webite makes most of its money of hits due to all their sponsors and webpage advertisements.  By having cliffhangers in their commercials people will log on to the website just so see the rest of the commercial.  In my opinon, every wealthy company should try to get airtime at least once during the Super Bowl because the whole world is watching. 

Below is  a link to some of the commercials feel free to comment.
-Nick Piotti

Written by nickpiotti

February 10, 2010 at 3:48 pm

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