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Tebow v. ManCrunch

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I found this article really interesting because of our previous class discussion of Man Crunch and the Tim Tebow pro-life commercials. The article discusses the fact that Man Crunch knew that its rejection would still land them millions of viewers thanks to YouTube and the controversy that surrounded the homosexual dating site. It then describes how the Tim Tebow commercial didn’t even really touch on the issue of abortion. The undertones were there, as well as the name of the advocacy group, but not once did Tim’s mom mention the words ‘abortion’ or ‘pro-life.’ It was an almost sentimental story with a humorous edge. Still, everyone knew what the commercial was about because of the same controversy surrounding it before the SuperBowl even aired. In this world of technology, even commercials that are deemed to be inappropriate for TV can still be viewed by anyone who knows how to function a computer. Besides raising the ethical issue of who can see these commercials online (including young, impressionable children), it proves that controversy makes anything more popular than it probably should be.|main|dl1|link3|


Written by kelynbortz1

February 10, 2010 at 3:46 pm

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