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Technology Increasing the Generation Gap

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My comment is in connection to Emily’s because I too had to watch the same video for Media Literacy class.

The attitudes about new technology in the video were different based on generations. The frontline producer, Rachel Dretzin, begins talking about how the digital world affects her family. Her husband and son were both on laptops at the dinner table and rarely communicating with one another. She explained how everyone, including her family, is always multitasking due to technology today. What struck me is that she said it in a fearful way rather than embracing the new technology her family is supplied with. I think her clear worrisome attitude toward technology was an appropriate way to begin the discussion of the MIT sudents.
The earlier part of the video focused on MIT students and how they are always immersed in new technology, such as always being on a laptop, on a cell phone, or two cell phones at once. The film stated that they are among the brightest minds in the world, which I do not doubt at all. I find it unfortunate that their teachers almost look down on their students for all the technology they use and multitasking they do.
I understand that teachers don’t want students to be texting during class but I find it interesting that most of the MIT teachers allow laptops in the classroom if they find them to be a big distraction. It is almost as if they are testing their students to stay focused and not be distracted by their laptops but that is so ridiculous. It is very hard to pay attention when you have a computer in front of you and especially when your teacher can’t see what websites you are visiting.
I thought the experiments of the kids multitasking was interesting. When they found the results that when you are multitasking you cannot clealry focus on one thing, I wasn;t sure what they were trying to prove. I think by now it is common knowledge that everyone cannot multitask and focus extremely well on both tasks being performed. I think the boy was trying to explain that though he may not be focusing he finds a may to make it work. Afterall, he is a student at MIT, I’m sure he is handling all the school work well.
The teachers seemed to hold a grudge toward technology while students embrace it. Technology is the future and I find it a pity that they “look down” on their students who use it so much. Perhaps they find it crazy that some students can’t function without technology but it is the world we live in today that makes have to have access to technoology at all times. I think the teachers should just embrace it as well but maybe not allow laptops in their classrooms.


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February 10, 2010 at 3:50 pm

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