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While watching the Super Bowl I saw a few commercials for a pocket tv known as FLO TV.  Our society has so many different forms of technology that allow us to be connected to the world and it keeps expanding.  Having a mobile TV is not a new concept, there are many phones that have the ability to watch TV and to go on the internet.  Most of these devices all have other features such as a phone, internet connection, and also mp3 device; but the FLO TV is strictly a TV.   The TV is a good idea because many people can watch their own shows or movies anywhere they want such as, work breaks, car trips, and even if they are just laying in bed with no TV in their room to watch.  The problem with FLO TV is that the price is very high and it has a monthly fee; the price is $250 and the monthly fee is $9 plus.  Being that the FLO TV is only a TV and there are other devices that have this capabillity along with others, i believe the FLO TV will not market well.  If the company were to make the price lower say $100, then many more people will buy it.  I even considered looking into buying the FLO TV but when i found the price i was instantly turned off.  

Below is a link explaining the device, feel free to comment.
-Nick Piotti

Written by nickpiotti

February 12, 2010 at 6:42 pm

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