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As many of you may know, LOST the hit ABC drama is in its last season.  The show has been on for nearly 6 years, and is one of the more successful shows of all time.  Of course, many people who don’t watch the show find it hilarious to nag those who are fans, saying things like, “Can’t they get off that stinkin island already?”  Lost fans truly have a deep passion for the show and it shows based on this article.

Instead of watching the show before it premiered, millions of fans turned their computers off and waited for the two hour season premiere to air the following week.  Spoilers are not welcome to true Lost fans, they live and die for the answers they hope to find each Tuesday at 9 P.M.  As far as the show, the season premiere lived up to the hype, LOST fans can sit back and watch the final episodes as one of TV’s greatest hits says goodbye.


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February 12, 2010 at 6:46 pm

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