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Step Carefully into social media campaigns

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I came across this article on Twitter posted by a public relations agency. I think this is one of the only articles I have read somewhat criticizing social media networks. Most companies are embracing social media, especially twitter, and using it as an advertising mechanism. This article directly questions the reliability of social media networks as advertising tools. The article mentions three principles of social media networks: transparency, campaign message is relevant and authentic, and to listen.  I think transparency is key for any company to gain the consumers trust. Facebook and Twitter are filled with people using celebrity aliases and it is possible to pretend to be a company employee when you aren’t. I think this falls to the company to be aware of all social media networks and have pages for all them, therefore copycats can’t pose as the real thing.

I thought the second principle was interesting because I never thought about typical advertising as a one-way channel. The last thing a company wants is to post advertisements with thousands of people commenting on how horrible it is right under it. I think this definitely puts more pressure on advertisers to come up with clear and positive messages about products. If the public fully understands what the campaign is aiming for it, then there won’t be confusion and less negative feedback.

While campaigns going viral can be a risk due to recieving negative feedback, social media networks are able to help companies develop successful campaigns. The web allows people to research who their consumers are and how they are reacting to the products. This makes it easier for them to understand their clients and therefore helps them create better products.


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February 16, 2010 at 1:09 pm

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