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Nascar Sponsors

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The other day I watched a little bit of the Daytona 500. I found out that the 500 is for miles, and not laps. I guess that shows how much of a NASCAR fan I am. (although I do have the N64 game – any retro gamers out there?) What I saw, although it was probably just a few laps, was somewhat entertaining.

In watching, I began to take note of the prominent sponsors. A few that I can remember are: Lowes, NAPA, Home Depot, the U.S Army, DuPont, UPS, and CAT. Anyway, I had a thought later on in relation to sponsors and fans.

Here were some of my questions: Do diehard fans intentionally support their favorite racer’s sponsors? That is, does a company’s sponsorship of a NASCAR crew lead directly to a loyal fan base (regardless of their experience or lack thereof with the product or service)? And since I thought this about diehards, I then began to wonder about casual fans or – as in my case – those very unfamiliar with NASCAR. How does this direct advertisement affect those who have no connection to the sponsored racer?

Does the sheer number of racers ( this site lists 43) does the advertising just kind of blend in?

It is almost certain that major sponsors of NASCAR crews get a lot of attention. I would even argue that it increases fan awareness of the respective company. With that said, does this necessarily result in a positive image, and does it increase sales?


Written by Michael G

February 17, 2010 at 11:27 pm

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