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Tiger Woods’s Excuse

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Being a sex addict does not excuse one for cheating on their spouse. The “disease” does not make you go out and have sex with numerous women, that is a path that one chooses to take. In Woods’s press conference on Friday, he admits to the public that he is a sex addict. I think that this is a little irrelevant to his cheating scandal because its two different subjects. If he was craving sex, he could have engaged in the action with his wife. He could also see a therapist, like he claimed to be doing, to avoid cheating. He cheated because he wanted to experience it with other women, didn’t think his wife was attractive, they were having marital problems, or other reasons, however, it is not because he is a sex addict. I think telling the public that he is a sex addict and going to a therapist for treatment is a public relations tactic to steer people away from his cheating and toward his “problem.”

Woods’s wife, Elin, did not attend the the press conference, which only “close associates” were invited. She has been avoiding the press for good reason: embarrassment from her husband. Elin Woods is a strong individual who could be a role model for many women.


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March 1, 2010 at 1:34 pm

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