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Yahoo and Twitter unite

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The next time you search something on Yahoo, you might notice a change in the results that you retrieve. As of today, Yahoo has partnered with Twitter, as the company tries to compete with rivals Bing and Google. By partnering with Twitter, the search engine can once again stay ahead of the game in online searching. So what does this all mean? The next time you perform a search on Yahoo, “Tweets” will appear along with the results. Yahoo feels that having Twitter pages appear in the results gives searchers a sense of immediacy, as people are constantly Tweeting statuses and information. Basically, they feel that it is the most up to date. Upon releasing this information many thought that it would not be beneficial to having Twitter updates filling up search results pages with information that is not useful. Yahoo thought of this as well. On every search result page, there is a limit of two Twitter pages. This is good because it doesn’t create an overwhelming abundance of something that might not be what one might be looking for, but also bad because with just two Twitter pages, the partnership seems somewhat useless. Some say that Yahoo needs to find a better way of sorting through these Twitter pages, and instead of just limiting the results to two pages, they need to find a more efficient way to sort through the pages, giving searchers something that they can actually use. This may not be as easy as it sounds, however; Twitter recently reported that the social network has reached the point where there have been upwards of 50 million tweets in just one day.

Personally, I think the partnership has the potential to be very beneficial. More and more companies are using Twitter to communicate with their customers and get information out. It seems as though a company might be more inclined to Tweet information rather than put it on their company website. The fact that Yahoo gives you both options, since they have limited the Twitter pages to two, is good because a company’s Twitter will most likely come up as well as their official website. If they can relay useful Twitter sites to searchers, I people will enjoy this new partnership.

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March 3, 2010 at 2:29 pm

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