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Women’s Last Stand

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In class a couple of weeks ago, we watched a few of the Super Bowl advertisements. One of the spots that garnered the most discussion in class and media backlash was an ad for the Dodge Charger titled Man’s Last Stand. Called sexist by many people, the ad was shot in a peculiar way and featured many stereotypical male complaints about girlfriends and wives. Just earlier today, i was shown a scathing response video. Filmed in the same odd way, this time around the ad stars women voicing their side of the story.  The ad must have been controversial around the country and not just in our classroom to incite this kind of response.  I  felt as though i should post it on the blog because of the discussion we had about the original. I felt that Dodge’s ad was so strange and seemingly serious, it was almost laughable. But the parody video is definitely hilarious, even to a male. The buzz the parody received shows that many people were offended or at least not happy with the ad aired during the Superbowl.With the ease of sharing things over the internet, a video that may have only been seen by a few people a couple of years ago, can now be shared to a much wider audience. no matter how you felt about Dodge’s Super Bowl spot, the response is quite entertaining.

The original ad:

the parody:

It seems that a counter backlash is beginning to occur. Some people are saying that with this parody, women are complaining too much. Will this turn into a battle of which gender is worse off? Whatever happens, i think that maybe Dodge got what it wanted: a media outburst that has thousands watching their ad again. but i think they may have learned a lesson as well- Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

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March 8, 2010 at 3:50 pm

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